C H O C O L A T E     F A S H I O N      S H O W 

Year after year, this unique and enchanting show is loved and admired by the spectators of the Salon. Each chocolate dress is a true masterpiece, the sweet fruit of chocolate driven inspiration, chocolatiers and designers.


P A S T R Y      S H O W

An arena for the creative demonstration of the skills of the participants of Moscow Salon du Chocolat.
Spectators can watch live all the stages of developing chocolate and pastry products, including a tasting at the end of each show! 


S A L O N      J U N I O R     F O R     K I D S 

A revamp of an old tradition of the Salon. One of the most popular events of Salon du Chocolat this year will surprise its young visitors: they will have a short excursion into the history of chocolate with the Cocoa School, a visit to the Chocolate Laboratory, a mini-cinema, a quiz and prizes, as well as a children’s confectionery show and, of course, Master Classes ! Absolutely free! 


L E C T U R E      H A L L 

The lecture hall will unite listeners and participants of the exhibition, representatives of manufacturing countries, doctors, research institute staff, bloggers and writers, all of whom are ready to share with the public important trends related to the chocolate and cocoa industry, historical facts and interesting stories.   


T A S T I N G S     A N D      M A S T E R – C L A S S E S 

Every day, besides the main entertainment events of Salon du Chocolat, you can also participate in special tastings and our participants master classes, organized at their stands. Further details to come.

C H O C O L A T E      S C U L P T U R E S  

One of the areas of Salon du Chocolat this year will turn into an exhibition of chocolate sculptures.
Chocolatier and pastry-chefs will have an opportunity to compete in the art of making these wonderful sculptures to help our visitors.

T H E     M U S E U M     O F     T H E     H I S T O R Y      O F     R U S S I A N    C H O C O L A T E    

The Museum of the History of Russian Chocolate will allow viewers to explore the rich history of chocolate in Russia through the prism of theater, circus and music. Unique exhibits, rare packages, amazing products and tools – all at the same time and in one place and only at Salon du Chocolat! 

E X C U R S I O N S 

This year, the visitors Salon du Chocolat will be offered free mini-tours of the stands of our participants and entertainment areas of the event. We know, each of our members are unique, yet they all share a life inseparably linked to chocolate.